Obviously with the current virus situation we have had to postpone the #beerpush and will announce a new date soon.

I am remaining training each day within social distancing guidelines and will do what I can to keep awareness going. The route and planning is all done – thanks to the great efforts of Vince from It’s On The Ball.

I thought I would share it with you below as it may well be that you want to offer help or join in when we get going again. It will be fun.

The route take us 143 miles between Hindringham and St Barts, in London.

As to how you can help, well the number one priority of the push is to make sure as many people get to know about the perils of testicular cancer but more importantly how it can be spotted and successfully treated. #beerpush is all about raising awareness and saving lives, but having a whole load of fun (hopefully) in the process.

How you get involved is down to your imagination – we’ve had a shanty group want to write a song and come and sing us off or welcome us in, we’ve had other brewers offering to meet us when we arrive with a barrel of their own. If you think you can do anything then let us know.  But to be fair even a simple photo, retweet or like on social media could save a life.

Check out the route and if you are near it and think a quick visit could help then let us know – we are happy to chat to groups or get involved in any activities you think could help. WE can visit, schools, colleges, pubs , breweries , sports groups etc etc…..

If you have or know of accommodation which could put us up cheaply on the night that would be immense and mean we have more dosh for the charity.

Please donate just £2 if you can ( that’s £1 per ball ) – on our Just Giving Page

So here we go, a quick summary of the route and where it will take us:

Day 1 Thursday 15 April 2021

I will be breaking myself in gently with a 15.6 mile jaunt through North Norfolk.

Setting off from Hindringham 8.30 am I will  visit Fakenham, Hempton, Oxwick and Titteshall before arriving twixt Litcham and West Lexham.

Day 2 Friday 16th April 2021

Another gentle 15.3 miles to build up stamina.

Leaving Lexham/Litcham I will be heading off to Watton passing through Necton, the Pickenhams and Cressinghams before heading in to Watton.

Day 3 Saturday 17 April 2021

Stepping it up we aim to push 55kg 20.4 miles today.

Leaving Watton we head south in a straightish line through Thomson, Brettenham, Rushford before arriving in Ixworth for a well-earned rest.

Day 4 Sunday 18 April 2021

No rest for the wicked this is a big push, and the biggest and hardest of the route with a near marathon distance of 22.4 miles.  This is the day I am fearing the most.

Departing Ixwoth with an early start to allow myself time to split the day up but heading thorough Bury Sty Edmunds where we have lots of friends, before heading down to Long Melford.

Day 5 Monday 19 April 2021

After the distance of day 4 time to slow it down and take it easier – with a 12.3-mile trip down to Halstead via Sudbury, Middleton and plenty of hamlets and villages!

Day 6 Tuesday 20 April 2021

Another easy day (relatively speaking) with a 13-mile push.

Through Bocking Church Street, Braintree and Rayne finishing up in Felsted.  By now we have travelled in 3 counties.

Day 7 Wednesday 21 April 2021

Stepping it up a bit we need to cover 15.8 miles today.

So, if you are anywhere near Margaret Roding, Beauchamp Roding, Pickerells, Fyfield come alomg for the fun as we head to Chipping Ongar for our overnight.

Day 8 Thursday 22 April 2021

The shortest day – just 10.1 miles today.

Chipping Ongar to Loughton including a motorway to cross and heaps and heaps of places as we are now leaving the countryside for the Essex and Greater London area so loads of opportunities to spread the word.

Day 9 Friday 23 April 2021

Time to wash the hair, have a shave and spruce myself up as we head the 16.4 miles to meet the team at St Bart’s Hospital.  For the record I may well become emotional at this point but a beer will sort me out!

Then that’s it, oh, apart from a rather special trip along to the Houses of Parliament to drink a pint in bar there – so a very special thanks to the constituency MP of the brewery Norman Lamb for making that a possibility.

Please donate £2  if you can

If after reading all of that you think you would like to donate £2 ( one for each ball ) then please feel free – you can do just that on our Just Giving Page