handcrafted in Norfolk …

Team Moon Gazer are very proud of our Award-Winning Gluten-Free Beer – be it the soft, citrus Pintale pale ale or the crisp Dewhopper, Stubblestag and Galton’s lagers.

All are award-winning in their own right as stand-alone beers – both in gluten-free and non-gluten-free categories, so you can rest assured you are drinking a real, homebrewed craft beer that delivers all the original genuine taste but without the gluten!

4.0% ABV

This lager pours to a light gold colour, with a crisp, hoppy finish that makes this beer the number one choice for craft enthusiasts and casual drinkers

5.0% ABV

Pours to a medium gold colour, with a deep (but light) head formation, giving a hoppy bitterness in the finish which makes this beer eminently drinkable and refreshing.

Pintail Norfolk Pale Ale
3.9% ABV

Moon Gazer Pintail Norfolk Pale Ale is Gluten Free pale ale, 3-3.9% ABV – light, golden & hoppy with aromatic citrus notes – an award winner in cask and keg, and lovely in bottle too!

Galton’s No. 1 Norfolk Lager
4.5% ABV

Norfolk malts combine with French hops to give a smooth, classic lager taste developed in collaboration with Michelin starred chef Galton Blackiston.

Gluten-Free Beer That Tastes Good – Real & Pale Ale, Lagers

The Norfolk Brewhouse is owned and run by Rachel and David Holliday – a couple with a passion for crafting distinctive, high-quality beers. Our brewery has breathed new life into a redundant old barn, on the family farm, in North Norfolk. It’s rural setting – right in the heart of the country’s finest malting barley region – is just the start.

We make the most of all that is around us – using chalk-filtered water from the brewery’s own well and Norfolk’s finest malting barley. Incidentally, we feed the brewing grains back to some very grateful cows. Even the names of our beers – Moon Gazer Ale and StubbleStag premium lager – were inspired by the wildlife around us, reflecting as they do the stunning sight of wild hares transfixed by the moon.

All great stuff, but add to this some modern thinking, modern hop varieties, nifty innovation and some very up-to-date brewing kit and you get hand-crafted beers that ensure that every drop is as good as the last. That’s why – when it comes to great beer – Taste Defines Us.

Both our gluten-free pale ale and award-winning gluten-free lagers are beers that taste amazing.

Award Winning

Our craft lagers are multi-award winning in regional and national awards

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