We’ve a Cheeky little beer now available in KeyKeg – our Cheeky Jack IPA a well-balanced, fruity IPA.

It’s also Gluten Free!

Now, its time to fess up – as many of you know we have our award-winning White Face IPA in cask – and essentially that is what Cheeky Jack is in keg.

How we put the beer into the keg, along with how we treat it for secondary fermentation means that it has different characteristics, albeit subtle ones , to its cask version. It is more carbonated with a smoother mouth-feel.

So, we felt that it should have a different name to acknowledge the difference.

The beer is a light golden IPA – using Norfolk Maris Otter Extra Pale as its base malt – a sweet biscuity flavour, yet robust enough to stand up to the hops.

The cocktail of hops blends hops from both sides of the Atlantic, in fairness mainly American – Azzacca, Amarillo, El Dorado and Citra but the British hop Admiral with its orange overtones definitely brings something to the party.

As for the other hop notes – think of mango, pineapple and peach.

However, this is not a fruit, hop-forward explosion – we prefer to balance the hops in a way where the flavours come through, and the beer is complex but it tells you calmly why it’s so enjoyable rather than shouting me, me, me!

People often ask is it West Coast, East Coast etc? We simply prefer to say its Norfolk IPA.