Well, Mr Moon Gazer – aka David – has seen his charity and fundraising exploits for our chosen local cancer charity recognized at The Norfolk Rural Business Awards.  

Today he popped along to the Norfolk Show to collect his runner up award. 

The awards are jointly organized by Norfolk County Council and the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association and aim to highlight the absolute best of Norfolk. 

David – aka Mr Moon Gazer – was recognized in the Unsung Hero of Norfolk category which seeks to shine a spotlight on individuals who have gone the extra mile to deliver wider benefits to the rural economy and shown exceptional commitment to supporting their local community. 

David was presented with  his award  at the Royal Norfolk Show and was delighted for It’s On The Ball, the Norfolk based testicular cancer charity Team Moon Gazer  has supported for over 6 years, raising over £43,000 – as he explains:  

“The real heroes of this award are Vince and the team at It’s On The Ball who work tirelessly to stop young men needlessly dying of this cancer, and also support those receiving treatment.” 

Moon Gazer has consistently used its small platform of creating beer to raise awareness of testicular cancer and help to prevent young Norfolk men from dying needlessly of this disease.  Simply by creating a conversation between men in pubs can save lives, since survival rates for this cancer are 96% but that is only with an early diagnosis – a delay of just a few weeks can see that survival rate change to a death certificate. 

David has recently embarked on two major physical challenges as he took his barrel of beer, and a trolley with a combined weight of 75kg and created Beer Push.  

In 2022 David pushed the barrel all the way to St Barts Hospital in London – a distance of 240km.   As if that wasn’t far enough he followed it up in 2023 by completing  300km – 7 marathons in 7 days, as he crossed Norfolk raising awareness. 

“The beer push really did capture the imagination, and the sight of me pushing a bright blue barrel across Norfolk made people stop and talk and we made sure so many young men knew how to check themselves for this cancer and the importance of a monthly check.” 

“The award means a great deal to us – we love what we do but to be know other appreciate it is a great honour but also helps spread the word as well.”  

David isn’t resting on his laurels as he is already in training for Beer Push 2025 when je will attempt 340km in 7 miles – that’s the equivalent of 7 ultra marathons in 7 days.  

You can support David at his just Giving Page: David Holliday is fundraising for It’s On The Ball (justgiving.com)