We are thrilled to be able to support the Norfolk Beekeepers Association in raising awareness of the threat posed to native bees by the arrival of the Asian Hornet. 

We have produced and are distributing beer mats to pubs across Norfolk – which highlight the importance of reporting sighting of these bee killing hornets. 

These invaders are killing native bees and pollinators, seriously threatening biodiversity. 

As predatory species, these invasive Asian hornets can a staggering amount of our native honey bees. Just one hornet can tuck into 50 honey bees a day. Thats whey we need to stop them killing bees. 

How you can help Norfolk Beekeepers Association is to report any sightings of the hornets.  

The beer mat helps you to identify them:

  • Size 2.5cm 
  • Black Body 
  • Yellow legs 
  • Wide Yellow stripe 

Whether you spot them alive – or dead on the ground reporting them will help the association and official bodies to map their locations and deal with the threat. Its key that they are not allowed to take a hold in Norfolk – or indeed anywhere in the UK. 

Your help would be very much appreciated.   REPORT SIGHTINGS TO HELP   

 Or use the QR code  

 Thank you