It’s all a question of balance…

Our new amber/copper ale 4.7% abv a well-balanced malty caramel base with a fruity finish.


When we were thinking of a new beer for spring to follow on from the magical Ostara we knew we wanted something that wasn’t golden – but also something that had a real richness and difference to it.

One style which we have never brewed is an Extra Special Bitter – or ESB for short.

However, the younger members of Team Moon Gazer also fancied trying their hand at something contemporary and US inspired – in particular they had their eye on an American Amber.

So, why not create a UK and USA hybrid. Sorted!

After all the style actually have more in common thank you might think – and both rely heavily on the importance of balance.

Take American Amber – typically darker amber, copper in style, mid-strength beer with a caramel malty flavour with good hop notes but not overly aggressive and too the fore.

An ESB is also well known – and respected – for its balance and the interplay between the malts and the hop bitterness. The hop character can be medium to high bitterness, but key is that the hops impart a fruitiness to their aromatics and flavour, sufficient to be noticed but not so dominant as to overpower the residual malt sweetness. This leads way to a richly flavoured and medium bodied beer.

So, there you have it. 2 styles both with shared aims.

Take a mix of UK malts – predominantly Maris Otter – add in some Dark Munich lager malt and mix with bold US hops such as Centennial and Cascade and you get a very grand beer.

Wimount is of course a name for a hare but we felt it appropriate to bestow the title Lord on him such is the grandness of this ale.


It’s back w/c 15 July