Taste: Light amber ale, soft/sweet bitterness with fruit overtones of orange, peach, grapefruit, strawberry and apricot – a great birthday brew.  

So, its that time of year again when we brew a birthday beer. A time when we reach for the candles and all try out our best two Ronnie’s voices – a tradition started way back on our 4th birthday and the 4 Candles brew.

It’s hard to believe that we are now prepping the recipe for 11 candles.   But what to brew?

Over the years our birthday beer has been golden, copper, amber and ruby in colour. Last year we even had a very special dark brew with our award-winning Bouchart X 10% mild.

This year, we thought we’d look back over the last 11 years and mark the fact that lots has changed since we brewed our first amber ale and forget to pop a whole load of hops in!

So, we wanted it to be a light amber ale – to reflect that very first brew – but rather than use the UK hops and malts we wanted to bring together some ingredients from Mr Moon Gazer’s personal beer highlights of this beery journey.

Some of his stound out moments centre around our international collaborations as that’s when beer and brewing broke down barriers and borders, bringing people together Amitie with the unforgettable French Vikings, of Northmean Brewery and Pondhopper which we created with Smartmouth Brewing of the USA and welcomed Porter and his family to Norwich. Both great beers and beers which have created lasting friendships.

So, looking at both recipes for we have taken elements of each to create a new ale for 11 Candles.

Light amber in colour, a hoppy pale ale with UK, French and US influences – what’s not to like?

Maris Otter – the hallmark of Moon Gazer ales is the main malt plays centre stage with both pale and extra pale used and joined by Chevalier heritage malt which adds such complexity to the malt flavour but we also feel brings out the very best in the hops. Sprinkle in some oats and cara for mouthfeel and there you have it.

Hops sees us use French Barbe Rouge, Ernest (our current fave UK hop) Azzacca from the US.  This hop combo brings you notes of orange, peach, grapefruit, strawberry and apricot. To bring out the orange we have added some additional orange peel – a favoured technique of our in established brews such as Ostarta and Hiberno.

The result is new light amber ale, soft/sweet bitterness with fruit overtones.

Enjoy and do please raise a glass to all of us here at Team Moon Gazer – your support keeps us a troshin!

Available in pubs week commencing 27 Feb