NEW BEER FRISKY LEGS 4.3% abv – a fruity, light golden ale with a sweet malt finish, peach and passion fruit overtones

So, who said romance is dead?

When the team were chatting about what to do for our special ale in February, we just kept coming back to it being the month of love!

Now, admittedly we had already set on the name of the beer as ‘Frisky Legs’ – a seemingly fitting name of a hare and one we have wanted to use for a while now.

However, we want this beer to be special and to appeal to all, hopefully  a beer that a couple can enjoy together – so something to savour.

First up was the malt – a rare move away from Maris Otter so we could feature Plumage Archer – OK a tenuous link to Cupids bow and arrow but also a heritage barley borne out itself of a marriage of  two varieties; Plumage and Archer.  The barely creates a golden pale colour, subtle palate and clean flavour – with sweet caramel finish.

It’s a barley which plays a great supporting role and can hold up hop character, especially the fruity and aromatic new world varieties.

So that why we decided to select a trio of hops which would give us passionfruit, peach and strawberry notes – using a combination of UK, USA and European hops Harlequin, Belma and Styrian Dragon.  Oh, and just to make sure the fruitiness was soft yet fulsome we used some peach pure in the fermentation to accentuate the peach notes.

So, do look out for it – it’s a new twist to our golden ale range and one we are sure people will fall in love with year on year.


Available in pubs from w/c 6 February