Team Moon Gazer will shortly be celebrating with our 1500th brew – an achievement we are really proud of as a small team.

Give or take that’s about 4,750,000 pints of Moon Gazer enjoyed across Norfolk, Suffolk and beyond.

Our aim when we started out wasn’t ever to be the biggest just a brewery that fitted in with its local community, supported pubs and for our ales and lagers to do one simple thing – to bring pleasure. To this day we get as much pleasure from seeing some one enjoy a pint as we ever have.

So, a big thank you to all of the pubs, clubs, shops, hotels and restaurants who support us and to all the loyal Moon Gazer’s out there who keep coming back for more. You keep drinking and we will keep brewing.

As to what we will be brewing now there’s a tail in that.

We ran a competition for people to name the beer and we had every name linked to hares imaginable – many great names indeed, and in fairness many not so great!

The one that we really warmed to was suggested by H at the Earle Arms, in Heydon who suggested SnowShoe. This is a term used in America for the Mountain (or Winter) Hare and we could just imagine the character fitting in perfectly with Jigfoot, Pintail and the likes.

Only snag was it’s a bit wintery as a name and our 1500th brew is going to be in September. So, H wins the prize but the beer will be slightly delayed, but what to do on our 1500th brew?

However, that dilemma was solved while running the bar at the Wells Carnival when a customer was chatting about how much he enjoyed Moon Gazer, not just because of the beer but because he sensed that we were part of the community and our adventures, collaborations and friendships seemed as important to us as the beers themselves.

The word friendship encapsulated it perfectly – we’ve made so many new friends because of Moon Gazer – and on reflection they are what we will look back on with fondest long after we have Rachel and me will have brewed our last pint!

So, we decided that we wanted our 1500th brew to reflect this, what makes us tick, what we want Moon Gazer to bring to you. And so – keeping Snowshoe for a brew later in the year – our 1500th brew will see the return of Amitie – our Friendship IPA.

A beer first brewed to mark our collaboration with the unforgettable French Vikings from Northmean brewery in Rouen but now a beer brewed to say thank you to all our friends who have supported us and been part of the Moon Gazer journey.

Thank you… from your friends at Team Moon Gazer.


Beer Info:

Amitie will be available w/c 11 Sept.

An amber IPA, 5% abv – with citrus and orange notes and a sweet malt character.