Say hello to Arctic Hare in his summer holidays….

Introducing our all-new Arctic Hare – a refreshing light golden ale designed for summer!

We are really chuffed with our new beer as it’s the recipe of our most recent addition to team Moon Gazer – Sebastian.  Many of you will know Seb from when you see him out and about delivering our beer – but he is also a very keen home brewer.

When the team were planning our summer beers Seb put his hand up and suggested a light golden ale, using Maris Otter, wheat and oats for a smooth mouthfeel, then adding lactose to give the beer a smooth, creamy, sweet finish.

Sounds good we said – anything else we asked?  Pop in lots of vanilla beans oh and several litres of orange juice. Then go large on some vibrant USA hops; Amaraillo, Citra and Columbus.

Now we all liked the idea but wondered what it would taste like.   Fast forward a few weeks and Seb arrived smiling with a bottle of the recipe which he had made at home.

We opened it, tasted it and sure enough – wow – like an Arctic Roll in a bottle, smooth, tasty, vibrant but not over the top at all, a beer you could happily sit and have a second pint of.

The team agreed Seb’s ice-cream and orange ale – now called Arctic Hare was to be our August special – but only if he hand cuts all the vanilla pods!

Look out for updates but it will be in pus throughout August.

Cheers to Seb for allowing us to share his passion and allow you to discover it!

In pubs from 7 August