Taste: Light amber with a fruit hops finish – peach, mango and passion fruit overtones, but balanced with a sweet, biscuit malt base. Not too out there but well crafted and balanced for all to raise a glass with!

 It’s that time of year again when team Moon Gazer celebrates another year of brewing with a birthday brew.

Every year in business is different so every birthday brew is always new and created to reflect both the year that’s gone by and the way we feel.  This year is also our last brew before we become a teenager!

The year has been challenging once more but since the dreaded C word it’s a year where things have began to feel normal and there a real sese of positivity and optimism for the future.

We’ve been busy brewing more than we ever have, we’ve created lots of new beers, won even more awards and our Cheeky Jack beer even spent the year as the Norfolk CAMRAs Champion Cask Beer of Norfolk.

So, we aim for this beer to reflect that positivity and success – it will use some very modern new hops to reflect the future, but also a blend of our favourite traditional hops. The malt will also reflect tradition and contemporary – our all-time favourite Maris Otter – the floor malted No. 19 version of course, will star alongside some Heritage Chevalier and a sprinkling of Hana.

We like to think it will be something special and that you can raise a glass to team Moon Gazer.

Available w/c 26 February.