As part of our ongoing series of pub events to pair food with beer, plus have a bit of fun along the way, we will be taking part in a curry and quiz night at The Binham Chequers, on Friday 18th March.

The idea is simple – and tasty – in that we pair up three curries (served as a thali) with three Moon Gazer ales – and tell you why the beers go with a particular curry.

You will be able to enjoy:

– a spicy and garlic prawn Balti matched with an intensely hoppy Gold IPA
– a hot chicken madras matched with the malty, nutty character of ruby ale
– a thakkali payura – a tomato, black bean and spinach curry matched with the citrus over tones of our golden ale.

For those who are vegetarian, the first two dishes above will be replaced with a vegetable Balti and a paneer masala.

Each thali is served with Bombay potatoes, dhal, rice, mango chutney and a cucumber, coriander, mint and tomato salad and three 1/3 pint glasses of ale.

Food and drink starts at 6pm, with the quiz starting at 8pm.

Book at the bar or call 01328 830297