As you know we at The Norfolk Brewhouse do all we can to do our bit to help support the hardworking, dedicated team at It’s On The Ball.

This team does all it can to spread the word about the biggest killer of young men – testicular cancer. Did you not know it was such a killer? Well that’s the point – no one talks about it, so by helping this team to spread the word you really can save lives.

98% of cases can be cured if caught in time – so the best way you can help is to talk about it, if you tell your mate, who tells their mate, who tells their mate we can get there!

However you can also help by a simple click on a voting form.

The Norfolk Food and Drink are looking to nominate a local charity to receive help during their fab events in Norfolk.

If you would like It’s on The Ball to benefit from this great opportunity simply select them on the survey form here – it really is that simple:

Do please also take a look at the work that they do: