The beer push is just 3 weeks away now – as I start my 147-mile challenge pushing a barrel of beer on Thursday 31st March.

To mark the occasion, we have brewed a special beer push edition of Tobi’s Tipple – and hopefully this will be served in pubs across Norfolk and Suffolk to give the campaign a boost as people raise a glass and spread the word.

At 4% it packs a punch in flavour as we have used two new UK hops to give a refreshing floral, citrus overtone – but with a sweet malt finish from the Maris Otter barley. It really is a limited edition as we mark the challenge – but I simply couldn’t let the event pass without squeezing in an extra brew.

This week I was reminded how vital the work of Vince and the team at It’s on the Ball charity is when I collected a £75 donation from Margaret and John Ellis.

This lovely couple recently celebrated their Diamond wedding anniversary but rather than accept presents from their family they asked for cash instead – got in touch with me and donated it to the beer push. Now, if that wasn’t fantastic and heart-warming enough the reason that they did it spurs me on to do more.

You see Margaret and John lost their grandson Fred to cancer. Fred was aged just 24 – with so much to look forward to in life but the cancer cruelly took him. We have previously marked Fred’s tragic story with a Fred’s Check edition of Tobi’s Tipple as his family wanted to use his sad passing to help prevent other young men suffering.

At the risk of sounding like a scratched record 98% of men can survive this cancer – and lead a normal life including having children. However, the rub is you need to diagnose in time – hence the importance of checking yourself monthly. Do that and your chances of survival are all but guaranteed. Ignore it for just a few weeks and you could be signing your own death certificate.

And its not just you who suffer, it’s the people you leave behind, like Margaret and John denied the full enjoyment of Fred’s life and so much more.

Their donation, and the awareness we can raise will help other parents and grandparents not suffering in the same way – so it really is as simple as that.

My sincere thanks to this lovely couple – you really did tug at my heart strings and as I pushed my barrel away from your home, I fess up to shedding a tear, but also a renewed determination to complete this challenge and when I get to St Bart’s raise a glass to Fred. I even have a check shirt for the occasion!

Do join us on the Beer Push for 2 events:

Thursday 31st March we will arrive at George and Dragon, Newton 6.30pm – join is for beer and a chat

Friday 1st April we will be hosting a beer, Balti, and quiz night at The White Hart Ashill, booking essential call 01760 622 190

For the rest out our route check us out here

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