Welcome to Moonshuck Distale – a brand new drink which combines the brewing skills of Team Moon Gazer with the distilling prowess of fellow North Norfolk’s artisans – Black Shuck.

The result a uniquely Norfolk spirit.

Take one sip and discover the taste. Malt back notes blend with blackcurrant, toffee and caramel flavours, complex, warming and satisfying.

So just how did we create this distinctively Norfolk spirit?

Moonshuck was borne out of adversity when we and our good friends at Black Shuck both found ourselves faced with a hospitality industry closed to us due to Covid 19.

Quite literally hundreds of our regular pub, restaurant and hotel customers were unable to open and order.

Which meant, in particular, there were several casks of Moon Gazer Bouchart dark mild that wouldn’t survive a lockdown!

So, rather than waste the ale, we put our heads together and decided to distil it – aiming to retain its unique malt and hop characteristics, from which Distale was born.

By taking small batches of the ale, we were able to triple distil – taking the 4.9% abv ale to create a white spirit with a smooth finished strength of 40%.

We were delighted at how the characteristics carried across into the distilled spirit – but we weren’t done then. In order to create the smooth finish, the spirit aged for a minimum of 4 months which allows the flavours to develop further.

Two business, and friends – Black Shuck and Moon Gazer Ale – working together and sharing our passions for great flavours and Norfolk.

Discover the difference which is Moonshuck – White Distale.