It is with a very heavy heart that I have to announce the postponement of the Beer Push this April.
This is a decision which I have not taken lightly and the reasons are many.

So much of the purpose of the push was to raise awareness and have social interaction with clubs, pubs, schools and hospitals en-route – as well as a bevvy of walking volunteers who had committed to join us. Sadly, none of this can now happen.

Additionally, pubs were to be the base of so many events and accommodation again which is now not possible for them to guarantee.

A key member of the support team is also a key NHS worker and her time is sadly going to be better spent elsewhere, and linked to that the amazing team of nurses at St Bart’s who we are walking to help (as well as It’s On The Ball) are somewhat occupied at the moment.

Lastly it is a time of great uncertainty at our small business at the moment and as its co-founder with Rachel I need to be here to ensure that Moon Gazer can come out the other side.

Rest assured that this is a suspension not a cancellation – we will announce a new date very soon, possibly to push in September or maybe to keep to cancer awareness month next April – but it will happen.

I commit to you to I will keep training and will keep talking about the event so it is not forgotten.

To all of those who have already helped with support or donations thank you – and I hope that you understand and will continue with your support. However, if not then do please get in touch.

Words cannot describe just how I feel – but I will remain positive and look forward to making it even bigger and better than I had hoped for this April.