We and the fab team at our chosen charity – It’s on The ball – need your help to name two new beers from us here at Moon Gazer.

As you will hopefully know each year (well each non pandemic year) we brew a beer called Tobi’s Tipple to raise awareness of testicular cancer.

In recent years we have had Tobi’s Tipple – Fred’s Check named after Fred who very sadly died from the disease and also Tobi’s Tipple Golden Balls.  Fred’s Check related to his love of checked shirts but also the importance of checking your nuts!  That’s what we need the names to do – get people thinking of nuts and the importance of regular checks.

However, for our beer launch in Jan 2022 we want two new names for our special edition of Tobi’s Tipple – one for each ball I suppose you could say.

The hope is that the beers will get people talking – it’s more about raising awareness than anything else, what’s important is to get people chatting about the message which It’s On the Ball promotes – awareness of testicular cancer which you may be surprised to hear is actually the most common form of cancer among young men.  So, as you see it may be a fun logo and name, but it’s a serious message.

So, back to the beers.

One of the new brews will be light amber in colour – and the other will be a golden ale.

As you would expect from Moon Gazer it will have Maris Otter malt as its backbone, and will involve English hops.

Please do pop your thinking hats on – it’s just for fun and so no prizes other than the kudos of knowing that the name you choose may well help to save lives, and you can join us for a beer at the launch.

You see by getting people talking about testicular cancer we can spot symptoms early and 98% can be cured!  Well, that’s a pretty good prize isn’t it?

Please share any suggestions which you may have or email us info@moongazerale.co.uk

We think that the team deserve all the support Norfolk can give them – so come on Norfolk check their website out: Its On the Ball and follow on Twitter: @itsontheball