This November will see a new Moon Gazer arrive just in time for Christmas – as we are set to add a Winter Porter to our seasonal beer range.

The brew will see us reuniting in a collaboration brew with Jon Stringer. Jon (aka @captaindog) brews down at Gadds’, The Ramsgate Brewery.

You may recall our last collaboration – a real Marmite pint – our Black IPA. That said, we are still getting calls from pubs today for the BIPA to make a comeback – so do watch this space.

So, back to our latest brew – it too will be dark, but a far more traditional drink than our last collaboration with Jon, in that it will be a dark porter. Jon has been busily working on a couple of test brews ahead of us agreeing on the final lets go for it brew!

We seem to always have very similar tastes to Jon and when chatting about potential recipes it’s easy to find common ground, then we both simply add out own influences and ideas to mould something which will hopefully work really well.

With the porter we wanted something with a bit of a twist but not full on ‘craft’ in the sense of ‘let’s take it to extremes and see what people think’ – no, we wanted something approachable by all, but with rich complex flavours.

The porter will include 5 malts to add that complexity, including an oak smoked wheat malt – just to add a hint of smokiness. Dark colour will be added by the use of black and chocolate malts, although we are using specialist de-husked versions of these – as that helps to reduce the astringency and harshness you can otherwise get. Naturally as you would expect from a Moon Gazer ale the backbone of the malt will be Maris Otter.

As to that added twist, well a hint of orange will add some fruity bitterness while coriander will add just a touch of citrus and spice interest on the aftertaste.

Jon will be visiting Moon Gazer barn to brew with us at the end of October and the beer will be available in pubs form the end of November until early Jan.

We hope that you will enjoy it, a welcome new addition to the Moon Gazer range.