Can you help?    Sunday 1 – Saturday 7 October 2023 

We are looking for 7 venues to host our mad cap event..

As hopefully you know my mad endeavours last year saw me push 75kg of beer and trolley the 149 miles from Moon Gazer brewery all the way to London.

It was an amazing experience and we managed to raise over £22,000 but more importantly raised so much awareness for testicular cancer and the fab team at It’s On The Ball.

Something else happened – I got the bug for pushing my barrel!

So, in October 2023 I will be back on the road – but this time starting in Norfolk as I attempt to push 75kg over 7 marathon distances in 7 consecutive days.

Might you be able to be able to join in the fun…?

As we tour around Norfolk between Sunday 1st – Saturday 7th October we are looking for a pub or venue to be the team for each day. It could also be a school, village hall – we just need people who will get behind us.

What that would involve is:

  • Host a ticketed charity event in the evening

  • eg., Beer, balti and brains – food and quiz night – well do the fun quiz you just cook the food and get the beer in.
  • Themed food night
  • Music night
  • Comedy night
  • In fact, anything that can fill your pub with fun and laughter but also allow us to spread the message about testicular cancer and It’s on the Ball.
  • Promote the Beer Push via poster and collection tin – from January

  • Help us to raise awareness and build towards the Oct event
  • Become a team on our Just Giving page

    • Just Giving allows us to attach fundraising teams to my main fundraising page
    • We will have 7 teams – 1 for each day
    • Each team can then have their own fundraising – mainly from the night event in October but could do events or encourage donations throughout the year.
    • The team would carry your name – Team (Pub) Beer Push
  • Promote your day – and indeed join us – when I am pushing in name of your team

    • You or your locals don’t have to join me for the full marathon but you or your regulars could join for part of the route. (We have a shuttle service to run you to and from points so you don’t get stuck!)
    • You could join us in other ways – so do the marathon in fancy dress, on a bike, on a unicycle – whatever to help make the day fun.
    • Or – you could all just watch me do it – there’s no requirement to join me!

Does that sound like something you would like to get involved with.

Then do please get in touch with me 01328 878 495 or

Let’s have fun saving lives together!          

BTW you can also donate to help me along. Donate here