Very grateful for the support of Bussey’s Vehicle Leasing and Unique Signs 

Say hello to Polly our Beer Push support van.

The beer push challenge was a bit of a mad cap idea – but one which is seemingly developing a life of its own.

One thing for sure is that it wouldn’t be possible without the help and support from businesses and individuals who have helped make it happen – either with financial support, help with certain tasks and logistics or simply well wishes.

The amazing support of Bussey’s Vehicle Leasing and Unique Signs is just one example of how our task is been made that little bit easier.

It became clear in the early planning stages that while we were walking the 7 marathons we would need a support vehicle – for lugging all the extra bits that you invariably have to take on such a challenge.  We try to travel light but it isn’t that easy when you need spare tyres, spare trolleys and casks along with all the other clothing needs.

So, we approached Simon and his team at Bussey’s Vehicle Leasing, in Norwich to see if they might have a van spare for the week of the challenge.  We appreciate that it is a big ask.

Their response was nothing short of amazing and not only did they want to help and support the charity with a loan van they wanted us to look the part on our journey so take a look at the amazing livery they did as well.

One thing that is for sure is that thanks to Bussey’s the charity and the beer push challenge will get noticed – and that is so important – since for every young man who sees the van and asks themselves what is testicular cancer all about then we have a chance of saving their lives.

I don’t say that flippantly.

No young man needs to die of this disease but sadly they do simply because they are not diagnosed soon enough.  By getting people talking about testicular cancer we can spot symptoms early and 98% can be cured – that’s why we promote monthly checks – since a delay of just 4 weeks could well be a death sentence to fit and healthy men.

So, this amazing van and support will help us in our quest to spread the word and save lives.

Thank you Simon and thank you Bussey’s and also thanks to the guys  Unique Signs for the great graphics!

Polly looks amazing…

Do please check out their leasing options and what they do. 

1st Floor, 95 Whiffler Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 2EU Tel. 01603 253 121