Norfolk Brewhouse is delighted to have teamed up with The Ramsgate Brewery to offer our East Anglian pub customers a taste of Kentish ales starting in late January and February.

Gadds’ The Ramsgate Brewery has been around for 13 years now – long enough that they don’t need to be too precise about it and long enough to be brewing some very tasty ales indeed.

One of their brewers Jon, is a good friend of Norfolk Brewhouse and we were lucky enough to work with him when creating our Black IPA, during which he naturally brought along some Gadds’ beers for us to try…and we just loved em.

So, we thought it would be nice if we could supply some of them to those pub customers who like to bring in guest beers from out of the area and are delighted to have – to start with – 3 great beers to add as guest ales to the Moon Gazer Ale portfolio.

Look out for them and hope you enjoy the as much as we did.

GADDS’ Black Pearl Oyster Stout 6.2%

Roasted barley, malted oats and Kent grown Fuggles hops combine to create this luscious, bible-black stout. First brewed for the Eddie Gilbert seafood restaurant & now brewed in honour of it’s founder, brewery friend Jonny Dunhill.

Colour: bible-black
Bitterness: medium
Sweetness: medium

GADDS’ Seasider Amber Ale 4.3%

A mellow, easy drinking ale brewed with a little crystal malt and a lot of Goldings hops. Nothing flash, just a very decent malty body and a balancing hop flavour.

Colour: tangerine
Bitterness: medium
Sweetness: medium/high

GADDS’ No 7 Pale Bitter Ale 3.8%

The GADDS’brewery workhorse. A simple beer brewed with Goldings hops for a little bitterness, Fuggles hops for flavour and some crystal malt for colour and body. Nice ‘n’ easy, drinks lovely

Colour: pale copper
Bitterness: medium
Sweetness: low