It’s coming back – priced to support pubs in the quieter month of January while raising valuable awareness of testicular cancer.

Team Moon Gazer are delighted to announce that we will be creating two new ales to raise awareness of male cancer for a campaign involving pubs across Norfolk and Suffolk.

The ‘Tobi’s’ beers have become a bit of a tradition in January in pubs across Norfolk and Suffolk. It’s a quieter time for pubs and the beers set out to create a bit of added interest and get young men talking about testicular cancer.

As we always say, this cancer needn’t take any young man’s life, and we can stop it killing simply by getting guys chatting about it and checking themselves monthly. Early diagnosis will see 96% successfully treated – while a few weeks delay can see that 96% chance turn very sadly into a death certificate.  The beers and the sight of the Toby character on the beer pumps are a talking point at the bar and have been shown to stimulate debate and indeed save lives.

That’s what we aim to do with this campaign – save lives.

This year the beers will once again be under the umbrella name of Tobi’s Tipple – with Tobi being an acronym of It’s on the Ball – but will also have their own specific names; Get Checking for one beer and Keep Checking for the other. The hope is that the first beer prompts young men to Get Checking themselves, while the second beer which will be released a couple of weeks later will emphasise the importance of regular checking and to Keep Checking.  A monthly self-check will lead to early diagnosis and significantly increase the chances of survival and indeed the chance to have a full and normal life after treatment, including the ability to have children.

Over 70 pubs will participate in the campaign.:

Pubs are enormously important in their communities and the work that they do for charities, particularly small local charities who often struggle to find platforms for their message to be heard.

Both the charity and ourselves are incredibly grateful for the support and helping us spread the message – which quite literally saves lives.

Hopefully the new beers can get men talking and chatting about their own health and also the beers. The beers will be available in pubs immediately after Chrsimas and the campaign will continue until the end of January.

To find out more about this male cancer and the work of It’s on The Ball visit here