Ok, lets have some fun cooking with beer, just a bit of fun but  a couple of recipes for you to try at home…

Beer, Bread and Cheese Muffins 

– made with Moon Gazer Skidaddler Milk Stout

You need…for 12 muffins

  • Plain flour x 400gm
  • Moon Gazer Skiddadler Milk Stout x 330ml
  • Baking powder x 3 tsp
  • Salt x ¾ tsp
  • Sugar x 2 tbsp
  • Grated cheese x 75gm

You do…

  • Mix it all up – by hand – in a mixing bowl. Rough mix is fine
  • Divide into 12 and pop in buttered/greased muffin tin
  • Pop in pre heated oven 200C for 20-25 mins
  • Serve warm, with butter – great to accompany soup or main dishes, and perfect for dinking

Moon Gazer Yorkie Puddings (aka Norfolk Puddies)

– made with 250ml Pintail ale (or Dewhopper Norfolk lager)

You need – for 4 x good sized puds or 8 smaller puds

  • Free Range eggs x 4
  • Plain flour x 250ml
  • Salt to flavour

You do

  • Mix ingredients into a smooth batter
  • Cool in fridge minimum 1hr but the longer the better
  • Pre heat oven to 220C – heat good glug of oil in each – until HOT
  • Add batter and cook for 25 mins

TOP 3 TIPS:  Chill batter.       Get oil hot.     DO NOT open door until ready