David  has successfully completed an epic beer push across Norfolk – pushing a 75kg barrel of beer across Norfolk, completing a marathon distance every day for 7 consecutive days.

As well as awareness David’s beer push antics have so far raised over £40,000 – raising awareness of testicular cancer and supporting local cancer charity It’s On the Ball aimed at preventing young men needlessly dying from this cancer.

The event really captured the imagination, and we were overwhelmed by people coming along to cheer us along or join in for part or all of the route each day.

Physically it was incredibly challenging – but emotionally it was also tough, hearing situations where people had lost loved ones, so often due to the late diagnosis, as this is a very fast spreading cancer.

However, we also heard some lovely instances of survivors who had done on to brig up families, and in on e case a chap had had the joy of fathering twins after treatment.

The challenge saw David push a marathon distance each day followed by hosting a fundraising an awareness event in a pub, ranging from quizzes, then food nights, an auction and bingo.

The pub events allowed us to engage with a large number of people and explain the importance of early diagnosis and for men of all ages to check themselves monthly. To see young men’s faces when we told them of local examples of young men dying as they had been diagnosed a few weeks late really brought home the message. They took it on board and realized how checking monthly can give them a 96%  chance of survival, while not checking or ignoring symptoms because they were embarrassed could mean treatment would be unable to save them.

It’s on The Ball dedicates its time to raising awareness from school and company visits, supplying support packs to patients and where necessary assisting in financial support for those undergoing treatment.  The team of male trustees are survivors of this cancer and are able to provide direct experience and empathy for those – often young men – faced with the challenge to beat the cancer.

The fundraising will allow this valuable work to continue across Norfolk.

David can be supported on his Just Giving page: