Mr Moon Gazer was very proud to receive the accolade of Community Hero at a the recent Norwich City vs Watford football match,

The matchday partner was It’s On the Ball. Moon Gazer brewery is a long term supporter of the charity and David in particular has been one of the charity’s most successful individual fundraisers for many years and is passionate about raising awareness of testicular cancer.

The Community Hero award recognised in particular David’s two beer push challenges as he explains.

“The idea was simple, as we wanted to get the message across that regular checking can save a life.

“Our motivation was driven further when a friend’s son, Fred, died at the age of just 24 and we also lost another friend to the disease.

“These two losses really motivated us to spread the word, seeing the impact on those left behind, particularly on a family whose son dies.

“By raising awareness that early diagnosis is key, we really can save lives.

“The death of Fred also highlights the challenge that It’s on The Ball has in making young men in particular aware that this is a young person’s cancer.

“Often at that age, men think they are invincible and that cancer is an old person’s disease, which alone leads to needless deaths, as often they will ignore early warning signs.”

Vincent Wolverson, CEO of It’s On The Ball, said he had no hesitation choosing David as a Community Hero.

He said: “David has worked tirelessly to promote the objectives of the charity and help raise funds to enable the charity to operate.

“He has regularly appeared in the local press, radio, and TV to explain the importance for men to check themselves for the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer, which he realised was such a vital message.”

One of his most recent fundraising challenges involved pushing a 75kg barrel of beer the length of a marathon each day for 7 consecutive days. That’s 186 miles!

“We know that beer makes an impact in the pubs, so we wanted to use that impact and take the barrel on the road to reach a wider audience.

“This year’s challenge followed on from the year before, where I pushed the barrel of beer from the brewery in North Norfolk to the cancer department at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in central London, which is where Fred sadly died.”

149 miles and nine days later, the people of Norfolk had truly jumped onboard with David’s awareness campaign, which resulted in the birth of the Norfolk beer push.

“A woman gave me a big hug and said: ‘If there were more people like you, I would still have a grandson.’

“That made me realise we couldn’t stop at one beer push – we needed to do something more.”

The last Norfolk beer push back in October 2023 saw David push his barrel  travel 186 miles from the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital to Burnham Deepdale, stopping at pubs along the way for an evening fundraiser in Binham, Norwich, Strumpshaw, Rumburgh, Ashill and Setchey.

David has raised a total of £42,000 for the charity, and as Vincent said: “is one of the charity’s most successful individual fundraisers, and as an avid Canaries fan, we hope David has a great time at the Watford game.”

To find out more and show your support for David and It’s On the Ball, visit the fundraising page here.