Now you can help as you can DEDICATE A MILE to a loved one lost to cancer, someone undergoing treatment, a survivor or a cancer nurse caring for those in need. Their name will then be put on the barrel for the push as David pushes  75kg – 143 miles from the brewery in North Norfolk to St Bart’s Hospital in London.

Simply visit  #beerpush and donate £9.80 and in your message say I dedicate this mile to (share their name) and why.  We will then include them in our #beerpush dedication roll of honour at the end of the challenge.  ( if you would like to include a photo email to

The £9.80 is important since it represents the 98% of testicular cancer patients who can be successfully if diagnosed in time. That is the message that we need to get across to young men – check yourself monthly and you have a high chance of survival – delay too long and the outlook could be deadly – sorry to be so stark but that is the reality. So check your nuts, and check out how at Its On The Ball.