People often ask “does gluten-free beer taste like beer?”. The answer is “it depends!”

Traditionally gluten-free beer does have a different taste profile to traditional beers, but it doesn’t have to – it all depends on the method used to make it Gluten-free.

There is a new style of GF Beers that use traditional ingredients, and then have the gluten removed late in the process with help from an enzyme, allowing the production of great tasting beers that are also gluten-free.

This is great news for any coeliac members of the beer-drinking fraternity – and also the growing band of people that are making a lifestyle choice to go gluten-free, and those with intolerance to gluten as well! See our blog discussing the potential health benefits of gluten-free beer.

With the increased awareness of what we eat and drink, there is a notable increase in consumers that have tried Moon Gazer’s beers – often entirely unaware that they are gluten-free – and rave about the taste and how they feel better than with other brews!

From StubbleStag, a gluten-free lager from locally grown malt which imparts the soul of its character from the local climate, soil, and barley that Norfolk is famed for to award-winning pale, gold, amber and IPA ales, our craft beers are first and foremost excellent tasting products.

We are close to the interesting English Whisky company’s distillery in East Harling who also take full advantage of the fabulous local malting barley for their fine spirit.

How We Broke the Myth Around GF Beers’ Taste

Rachel and David were well aware of the stigma surrounding the bad taste of Gluten-Free Beer and with their unique brewing process managed to brew ales and lagers that retained the original taste of beer but was indeed gluten-free.

Due to the negative vibes, they omitted to mention the fact of their beer being gluten-free and supplied it to their clients who were happily under the allusion it was ‘normal’ beer.

3 months later, they launched their new range of ‘gluten free’ beer, but it was declined with thanks in preference to the incumbent range.

What their clients didn’t realise was that the existing range they had been enjoying was in fact gluten-free – thus the myth of a bad tasting Gluten-free beer was broken!