The Moon Gazer team are delighted to be lending their support to a small but very important Norfolk charity – It’s On The Ball.

Choosing a charity to support can often be difficult, but for small non mainstream charities to raise awareness can be a timely and costly business – getting heard above the crowd is no easy task.

Add to that the fact that your charity may be one which some people may potentially find sensitive or embarrassing to talk about, then the task just got a whole lot harder. The sad fact is that it doesn’t make the work such charities do any less important than others – it just makes getting the message over that little bit harder. Norfolk based It’s On The Ball is one such charity – set up to provide support to patients and their families and raise awareness of testicular cancer. There you go you see my point – not the easiest of coffee table chats. But why not?

Testicular cancer is actually the most common form of cancer among young men. Whilst still very rare, in many cases it has already spread at the time of diagnosis, but more than 95% of patients will be cured. So it’s a no brainer, by spreading a simple message we can very easily help save lives.

We are doing our bit to help – you may have already seen bottles of Tobi’s Tipple about – and you will be seeing a lot more of it. It’s great beer – so hope you enjoy it, but each label will tell you a little bit about how to raise awareness of testicular cancer. Then if you tell your mate, who tells their mate, who tells their mate we can get there! Beyond that you may start to see photos of our customers and friends wearing the It’s On The Ball pants (our drayman Shane is pictured wearing his!) – again showing support and just to spread the #haveyouchekedyours message.

Also, be on the lookout for a brand new beer from the Norfolk Brewhouse available exclusively in pubs in a couple of months’ time – with a fun logo pump clip, but a serious message.

Please do do your bit where you can – just by retweeting or liking what we do will help. But by engaging in conversation and reading the facts on the website will help even more.

We got involved in the charity for many reasons, but one key reason is that they are a small, dedicated and lovely team who deserve all the support Norfolk can give them – so come on Norfolk check them out :

Follow on Twitter: @itsontheball