It is time to plan our Coronation Ale to help pubs celebrate the Coronation of King Charles.

Our last commemorative beer Hare Majesty was very well received indeed – and we were just glad to have been able that people could raise a glass of Moon Gazer to the Queen.

So, we have decided to keep the main recipe the same, with just a twist to the final hops to add a point of difference for Charles.

The ale will be a very light amber in colour – fruity and well-balanced malt sweetness – a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. A session IPA meets a pale ale.

Malts will be a very British affair – Maris Otter to represent the longevity and stature  of the monarchy, while we will also use heritage malt Chevalier to signify the importance of the past and how those qualities remain important today.   As a link to the Windsor family’s Saxe-Coburg and Gotha heritage we will use a touch of German malt too.

Hop wise expect new world delights from New Zealand pairing with British hops new and old.

This will be limited edition in May so if you would like to celebrate with us do make sure you reserve your cask or KeyKeg now.



Team Moon Gazer