There is selective evidence to suggest that gluten-free beer is healthier for you inasmuch as it is less likely to cause bloating, which is a common complaint of drinking regular beer.

In addition, many of the gluten-free beers don’t contain animal derivatives which therefore are suitable for vegetarians and vegans also.

All in all, the common enzyme used by brewers have little or no effect on the dietic content of the beer and there is very minimal evidence to suggest that gluten-free beer is less fattening, more low carb and sugar and therefore healthier for you than traditional beer.

The Evidence

Having said that, whilst there is no concrete evidence to prove gluten-free beer is healthier unless you need to drink gluten-free due to dietary intolerances and/or a medical condition, it certainly isn’t more unhealthy that drinking standard beer either. See this useful website to outline this.

With many gluten-free options on the market now that don’t compromise on taste – such as the Moon Gazer gluten free-range, and that use similar brewing methods, you have nothing to lose by trying it.
Many people report feeling less bloated and fatigued when cutting out gluten in their diet so it becomes a win-win situation for many moving onto gluten-free beer in this case.