As the saying goes – ‘all good things come to those who wait’ – or something like that.

Well, the good news is that bottled StubbleStag will be available again in the New Year. We, and our stockists, have literally been inundated with people asking for it which is great. However, there can be no compromise on taste and in an attempt to try and get some StubbleStag out quicker than before we realised that it just wasn’t worthy of the original brew!

OK, so we don’t want to sound all precious about this, but the reason that you are calling and emailing to ask “where is the StubbleStag?” is because you really like it – so we want every drop to be as good as the last. Developing those flavours takes time. Look out for ‘StubbleStag Day’ in the New Year when the brew returns!

More good news for those looking for a slightly less challenging lager StubbleStag will be joined by a new brew.

The tradition of naming our beers after hares continues and the new brew will be known as DewHopper. Sweeter, more floral and weighing in at 3.8% ABV we are sure it will be a worthy addition to the range.