Did you know our ales and lagers are all linked to the magnificent wild hare?

Our ales are called Moon Gazer, named after the moon gazing hares often depicted in art and our lager StubbleStag is a Norfolk name for a hare, along with another hare name being DewHopper.

The Norfolk Brewhouse is located in a little village called Hindringham, not far from Holt and Fakenham. An unspoilt and uncluttered part of the Norfolk countryside that we share with some spectacular hares.

If you are in rural Norfolk over the coming weeks, take time to stop and look across an open field to see if you can spot some boxing hares. This is the time of year for the mad March hare, when they box together in their fascinating courtship game. Contrary to popular belief a pair of boxing hares is actually a female fighting off the advances of a male – not two males battling in a show of strength to impress the girls.

Hares spend much of their life hunkered down in tall grass and maturing crops – so see if you can spot them whilst the crops are low and watch out for their curious antics.

If you like wildlife, the countryside and Norfolk why not support Norfolk Wildlife Trust? www.norfolkwildlifetrust.org.uk/