It’s been a while but I’m pleased to report that we have a Mash Up ale back, obviously with an all-new recipe.

I say obviously, since for those of you who don’t know Mash Up is never the same recipe twice with each brew stemming from a ‘spring clean’ of hops, malts and ingredients.

It’s time to delve into the store cupboards and see what would be good to use so it is at its freshest, and how we can clear some space for our next batch of hops.

It may sound a bit random – and admittedly it is a bit of fun – but our seasonal mash ups have a great and loyal following. Although the abv will always be 4.4% no two brews will ever be the same.

So, what did we find in the cupboard during his latest tidy up?

Well, in terms of malt there’s always Maris Otter in the cupboard but we will be blending it for this brew with some heritage Chevalier malt, some special floor malted Maris Otter 19, some Crystal 240 and also some local honey!

This malt mix will deliver a beer which is amber in colour and delivers good biscuit flavours. As for the hops we’ve gone for a mix of British hops Ernest and Admiral which will give some nice citrus and orange notes.

This will give the beer a hoppy finish without any lingering bitterness.

It’ll be in pubs next week but when it’s gone its gone, Mash Up is never the same brew twice.