Our core ales can all be ordered by pubs and bars as KeyKegs – but lost of you have been asking what is this? Is it still real ale?

Well the simple answer as far as Team Moon Gazer is concerned is yes it is real ale.

You see when we fill cask ale form our conditioning tanks we fill the cask with beer which has sufficient residual sugars in it that when the yeast warms up and is awakened by the agitation of adding to cask it ferments the residual sugars , giving rise to the C02 in the beer and allowing to to condition. The ale is then served via  a handpump without the aid of any gas pressure.

We do exactly the same for our KeyKegs – allowing them to condition in the keg. The pub can the dispense them via a keg line – but the gas used to force the beer up in the line doesn’t touch the beer, instead it goes into a space between the container and the bag the beer is in – compressing the bag and forcing the beer up the line – simple.

The results are fantastic and allows the pubs to serve real ale since  the KeyKegs offer extended shelf life as the beer remains out of contact with oxygen.

Why not try our Pintail and Cheeky Jack on keg, or you can pre-order any of our cores beers

Hope that makes sense.