We are absolutely thrilled that our Moon Gazer White Face IPA has been named the Champion Cask Beer of Norfolk for 2023.  We always knew it was good but to receive that accolade is great as it means lots of others agree with us.

The award is judged by Norwich and District CAMRA who have plenty to choose from since Norfolk boasts over 40 breweries and 400 beers – so getting  to the top is something are small team are tremendously proud of.

We also received a third place for our Bouchart Mild in the Brown ales and Strong milds category, as well as another bronze for our Triskele porter ,However, back to White Face and what makes it so special – winning as it did in the Premium Pale, Blonde and Golden Ales categories as well as the overall Champion.

This 5% hoppy golden ale, is brewed using Maris Otter extra pale which gives it a light golden colour and a sweet, biscuit malt base. We also sprinkle in some wheat and a malt called Cara just to add to the complexity and mouthfeel – but the Maris Otter is the star of the malts in this beer.

Starring alongside the Norfolk malt is a cocktail of US, New Zealand and UK hops.   We use 7 hops in total but all with similar fruit tones, so we create a balanced yet complex beer – and one which we think is balanced and sessionable – no need for in your face hops here!  We wanted to create a rich, satisfying blend of mango, orange, pineapple, and peach flavours but one which also lets the malt come through as well.

Not to dry, not to sweet – just right.

By the way it is also gluten free !

Oh, and as for the name it is of course being a Moon Gazer named after a hare – the white face of the mountain hare.

We are so glad you enjoyed it and voted it as a Champion.