Mr Moon Gazer ( aka David!) has switched his brewing skills to writing as he launches a new illustrated book which celebrates hares and the wildlife of North Norfolk.

The brewery is well known for its range of beers who are all named after hares. Names such as Jigfoot, Pintail and Nibbler all reflect local hare names dating back centuries.

Now David  has brought the hares to life, working alongside Norfolk illustrator Rachel Holmes to create the first in a series of books – starting with Jigfoot The Hare Who Loves to Dance as he explains:

“Hares have always had a special place in our hearts at Moon Gazer and its long been an ambition to try and bring them to life, and to give them all a distinctive character.”

“However, I also wanted to use the characters to explore the countryside in which they live – the beautiful county of Norfolk in which we live. It was during lockdown when I couldn’t brew that I started jotting down ideas and words.”

David had shared his words with long-time friend Rachel Holmes and to his surprise arrived home one day to find an envelope – sent via Hare Mail – containing an illustration of the hares – along with a postcard asking a question- Want to create a book together?

Rachel explains: “When I read David’s writing  I was transported into their world, so I couldn’t help myself – I could envisage the characters David had created and the personalities he wanted for them, be it the dancing Jigfoot or the mischievous Pintail or the wise old Bouchart. So, I started to draw them and they came alive in front of me.”

“My suggestion of the book was a bit tongue in cheek, but it felt so right and I was thrilled when David got straight back to me and said yes.”

The pair have spent the best part of two years creating the first book – fitting it in as they had to alongside their existing jobs.  As an illustrated book it will appeal to children, but they are also keen to stress it is for children of all ages from 7 to 70 as Rachel explains.

“Jigfoot is a hare who loves to dance. He dances to celebrate all that is around him. The book, which has been lovingly illustrated seeks to immerse you in the life of the hare and the beauty of nature. Jigfoot can teach us all a lot about the importance of enjoying simple pleasures and embracing the nature with which we share our world.

“The book includes a tale about Jigfoot as well as a poem but also an informative, but fun, ‘Meet the Cast’ section which introduces you to the wildlife featured in the story.”

The book also includes poetry from local poet Lewis Buxton, completing the line-up for a creative collaboration of local talent.

Although having never published before the pair enlisted the help of the Self-Publishing Partnership and Brown Dog Books who helped  to turn their dreams to print.

The book is planned to be the first in a series with work already started on the next story about Pintail.



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