So, there’s going to be the first Norfolk Day on July 27th and here at the Norfolk Brewhouse were going to use the event to celebrate the farming and pub communities.

The good news is that will be creating not one, but two new ales and arranging events with pubs and farms to help celebrate the day.

The new ales will also be a celebration of Norfolk’s artisan food producers as we will be working with local producers to help source local ingredients and add a local flavour.

The ales are aptly called Norfolk Day Sunrise and Sunset.

As a small craft producer, we are passionate about the county and its local produce – the clue really is in our name after all. We often work with other local producers, previously crafting ales with ingredients from Grey Seal Coffee, Chocolate Deli Wells and Nelson and Norfolk Tea to name but a few.
You will also doubtless know that we are passionate about Norfolk barley and its growers – as Maris Otter barley is one of the county’s great success stories but one which often goes unnoticed, so the idea is to use the ales to highlight just what a great job this community of growers does, without which we brewers would be a bit lost.

Testament to their effort is the fact that Norfolk Maris Otter is exported to over 20 countries, and it is a source of pride to know breweries from Japan, America and all over the world insist on Norfolk barley.

We hope to use those bonds to get international involvement in Norfolk Day by getting breweries in as many countries as we can to mark the day and raise a glass to the Norfolk farmers and indeed the local maltings, Crisp Maltings.

Closer to home we’re hoping to encourage pubs and farmers to actively get involved in Norfolk Day.

Pubs are such a vital part of so many communities, especially in a rural county like ours, so we will be encouraging and arranging events for Norfolk Day as well as the beer, and hope that each pub will also display and promote information on Norfolk farmers and their work – making it a real celebration from field to glass.

The recipes are yet to be finalised but Norfolk Day Sunrise will be a light golden ale, while Sunset will be an amber/copper ale.

Norfolk Day takes place on July 27th – we will keep you posted as things progress.

Oh, and coincidentally, July 27th is a full moon, so perfect for a bit of Moon Gazing.