We were delighted when landlord Chris from The Trafford Arms in Norwich approached us to provide a strong mild for the Valentine’s Beer festival – with one very slight problem – we didn’t actually have a strong mild!

So we got our thinking hats on and started planning the recipe for our first collaborative brew with fellow brewers and friends at Quartz Brewing.

Brewed off site at Quartz, so that we could meet the schedule for the festival, it was our first collaborative brew, but interesting to bring together the teams view on how the beer should taste – creating Moon Gazer Dark a 4.9% mild which is sweet and dry hopped for some good aroma, we hope you like it?

We have already had some good feedback on Moon Gazer Dark and may pop a new brew on at Moon Gazer Barn in the near future for pubs to try during Mild May www.camra.org.uk/mildmonth

The Trafford Valentine’s Beer Festival is on until this Sunday 17 February www.traffordarms.co.uk/