We’re delighted to announce that pubs across Norfolk and Suffolk will soon once again supporting local charity It’s On the Ball in raising awareness of testicular cancer.

Our charity ale – Tobi’s Tipple – has become a feature of the Norfolk beer scene each January for the last few years and has genuinely helped to raise awareness of this killer disease. The campaign  genuinely has saved lives.

Its’ also helped people have a few laughs along the way and helped with fab events in pubs.

However, due to the difficulties of the last two years with the pandemic and pubs restrictions it has not been possible for the campaign to take place, which has not helped the small, dedicated team at this local charity to continue to raise awareness and keep gents chatting  about this cancer.

So, that’s why we are delighted to be bouncing back to support them, and also help support pubs too!

And we are bouncing back bigger and better as there will be two new beers for the campaign – an all-new amber version of Tobi’s as well as an all-new golden Tobi’s Tipple.

To us, supporting It’s On The Ball is a no brainer, by spreading a simple message we can all easily help save lives.

While incredibly heartening to know that we made a difference to men’s lives, it also shows the simplicity of what we are trying to do – just spread the word.

98% of cases can be cured if caught in time – so the best way you can help is to talk about it, if you tell your mate, who tells their mate, who tells their mate we can get there!

We do the easy bit, we just brew the beer, the pubs do the nice bit, they get to serve the beer and chat to their community – the real hard work is done by the small and totally dedicated team at It’s on the Ball – who with limited resources do all they can to help raises awareness of this killer disease.

Do please take a look at the work that they do: itsontheball.org>

Oh, and as for our main promotion for It’s on the Ball in January, well watch this space there’s a lot more news to follow.