Well, it just had to be done to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee and Hare Majesty just seemed to fit the bill perfectly, especially when said with the lovable Norfolk twang.

More news to follow but to whet your appetite….

The Queen is currently head of state of 15 countries and so we will mark that by using 15 ingredients to represent some of those countries and capture their flavour and vibrancy.

The ale will be a very light amber in colour – fruity and well-balanced malt sweetness – a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. A session IPA meets a pale ale.

Malts will be a very British affair – Maris Otter to represent the longevity and stature becoming of the Her Majesty, while we will also use heritage malt Chevalier to signify the importance of the past and how those qualities remain important today.   As a link to the Windsor family’s Saxe-Coburg and Gotha heritage we will use a German malt too.

Hop wise expect new world delights from Australia and New Zealand pairing with British hops new and old – while small additions of orange, lemon and pineapple will add a ray of sunshine from the Caribbean.

This will be limited edition in May and June so if you would like to celebrate with us do make sure you reserve your cask or KeyKeg now.


Team Moon Gazer