We are pleased to announce that this year, once again, Team Moon Gazer are very proud to be supporting Tobi’s Tipple, the charity ale raising awareness for It’s On the Ball and testicular cancer.

Before we start, we wanted to say a massive heartfelt thank you to all of the pubs, hotels and restaurants across Norfolk and Suffolk who have already committed their support to the beer and to raising awareness of this truly indiscriminate killer. We couldn’t do it without you and your support really is making a difference and saving lives.

Hey, and hopefully we are all having a bit if fun while doing it.

When we last brewed this beer in January it was named after local man Fred Risebough, who sadly was so cruelly taken from us by cancer, at the age of just 24.

While the beer was a great hit, the thing that really hit home was just how testicular cancer can take you as a young man when you are at your prime and feeling so fun loving, active and vibrant. Sadly, at this age most young men think of cancer as an old person’s disease and not something for them to worry about – after all they are young and indestructible (not!).

Recent news reports about Max Taylor – a rising 19yr-old star at Manchester United – also reminded us that this disease will affect the young, but also positively shows us that there is a future and the disease can be cured and sufferers can return to lead a full and normal life.

Indeed 98% of those with this disease can be cured. So, you may well ask why is this one of the biggest killers of young men in the UK today with over 60 young men’s lives cruelly cut short every year?

The answer is sadly so simple – and typified by Fred himself – the lack of early diagnosis. Spot this cancer early and you can get help, you can recover quickly and return to an active, healthy and long life.

That’s why we get involved. If, simply by having a beer men and women – ask the  question about the beer and then about men’s balls – then we are well on the road to curing it.

The small, dedicated team of trustees at IOTB are all survivors of testicular cancer, and rather than walk away and say thanks very much, after their own successful treatment, they tirelessly dedicate their time to telling other men about the importance of checking themselves monthly to look for early symptoms.

That is why we support them.

There will be more news to follow but for now we will just let you know a little bit about this year’s beer.

We’re sticking with the light amber colour, and the easy drinking 3.9% abv – but we have a new hop mix combining UK Challenger with the aromatic American hop Azzacca which will give the beer some mango, orange and pine notes. Soft, easy drinking and perfect for chatting about balls!

You will also hopefully be aware that this year will see David from Moon Gazer push a barrel of Tobi’s Tipple the 143 miles from the brewery in North Norfolk to St Bart’s Hospital in London. This will take place in April but do read about it here and join in the fun.

Fred’s Check – the 2020 edition – will be available in pubs from 1 January 2020 – check it out and check yourself out. BTW if you are a pub and would like to join in the campaign and help us then do please get in touch, we would love to have you on board.

You can also find out how to check your balls at the charity’s website : https://itsontheball.org/

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