We are once again thrilled that our Norfolk wide campaign is back this year to raise awareness of testicular cancer and is receiving the support of pubs across the county and into Suffolk too!

This year we here at team Moon Gazer have created two unique beers in support of Norwich based cancer charity It’s On The Ball, with the aim of getting men talking about the disease which is one of the biggest killers of young males in the UK each year.

The disease can affect men of all ages but is particularly prevalent amongst those aged between 18-24 – an age where young men don’t often think cancer can impact them.

The campaign is supported across Norfolk by the pub community – and this year will see the campaign return to normal after a couple of years impacted by Covid and reduced pub openings. The campaign will see over 70 pubs serving the two Tobi’s Tipple beers called; Get Checking and Keep Checking.

The support from the pubs is fantastic and really helps to get men chatting about what is a bit of a sensitive topic. It will help us get over the positive message that 98% of this cancer can be cured if it is diagnosed early enough.

Sadly, far too many young men needlessly die each year due to delayed diagnosis – often because they are too embarrassed to go to their doctors. Whilst it is one of the most treatable cancers – it is also one which is fast spreading and so just a few weeks delay can see the 98% of survival turn into a death certificate. Which is so easily avoidable.

The small, dedicated team of male trustees at It’s On the Ball are all survivors of testicular cancer, and rather than walk away and say thanks very much, after their own successful treatment, they tirelessly dedicate their time to telling other men about the importance of checking themselves monthly to look for early symptoms.

Every year they join forces with us and the beer is designed to help young men break down the barriers and talk about their balls and the importance of regular checks. Chatting in the relaxed pub atmosphere and seeing Tobi’s on the bar helps make raising the topic easier.

It’s on The Ball Charity Chief Executive Vince Wolverson explains:

“Each year we learn of cases which highlight the cruelty of this cancer – it doesn’t discriminate, looking for the weak or unhealthy – it can strike anyone down.”

” So often, young men in their late teens or twenties, physically fit and physically active are struck down.”

“We hope that young men may learn of the disease through the campaign and realise that it could so easily be them – and I would simply say to them check and check again to stop the same fate striking you.”

The two beers – launching with Get Checking ( a light amber ale ) will encourage young men to check themselves monthly, while the second beer Keep Checking ( a straw golden ale) is designed to reinforce the message of keeping checking.

Tobi’s Tipple – the 2023 edition – will be available in Norfolk pubs throughout January 2023 – do check it out and check yourself. Find out how what symptoms to look out for and how to check yourself at the charity’s website: https://itsontheball.org/

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