Well, we just wanted to say a big thank you for all of the teams who took part in our charity Treasure Trail, raising awareness for It’s On The Ball.

The trail took part on Easter Sunday, which coincidently was the start of testicular cancer awareness month.
The idea was simple, get a bunch of fun loving folk to form a team and hunt down clues in pubs across a trail laid by us here at Norfolk Brewhouse.

The start and finish of the event was at The Rose, on Queen’s Road and a massive thanks to Dawn and Carl for royally hosting us.

The day got off to an early start, well for a Sunday anyway, as by 11.30am 80 intrepid trailers had arrived full of anticipation and not knowing what tasks lay ahead.

To add a little bit of extra interest Radio Norfolk popped in to find a clue for their own Treasure Quest and were more than a little surprised to find the pub full but were only too delighted to spread the word once they knew it was all in a good cause.

Anyway – the teams soon realised they had to find treasure in 7 pubs, although to start with they had to work out the anagrams to the pubs they were visiting. Some found this easy, others challenging and some downright impossible as they headed off to a pub not on the trail. Thankfully some Ovo bikes came to their rescue and they were soon able to catch up.

As the teams wandered round from pub to pub they had to gather a list of treasure items – all ball shaped to tie in with the day’s theme. I have to say they were extremely smart and persuasive at gathering the items although bizarrely the aniseed ball eluded all of the teams.

Heading into the pub they had to find a mystery object, answer a clue and then complete a photo challenge – taking a photo of their team and posting on social media.

You see, that was the aim of the day – to raise awareness – so Facebook and Twitter was buzzing with some rather bizarre events. There was the row boat dance in the Ribs of Beef, some winter Olympics in the St Andrews Brewhouse and some censored Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball poses in the Wig and Pen, as well as plenty of other antics in the other pubs.

It was a great day and most importantly lots of people were exposed to the message about how important it is for guys to check their nuts.

This local charity does such great work, donating what time and energy they can to support such a key message. Yes, it was fun on the day but the harsh reality is that 7 guys a day in the UK will be diagnosed with this killer cancer – but if we catch it early 98% can be saved.

So, cheers again to the pubs, those who took part and all those who shared the fun on social media.

Do check your balls and do check out the work of Its On the ball

Check out all the photo fun on Facebook or Twitter #haveyoucheckedyours


Team Moon Gazer