Skipper is back – with  a few hop tweaks for 2023

Well, who says pester power doesn’t work? When it comes to our latest ale it does.

So many pubs have been asking when our mid 4% abv beer will be making a return and we can hold off no longer. So we are delighted to announce that Moon Gazer Skipper will be making a return to pubs from w/c 9 October.

First brewed in 2019, Skipper our Norfolk amber ale is a great mid strength session beer for those who like a pale ale or a IPA – we like to think it sits perfectly between the two styles and will appeal to both.

So, just what can you expect from Moon Gazer Skipper

We wanted Skipper to have a nice pale ale feel to it, plenty of hoppiness and flavour but to be a soft easy drinking ale as well – a pale ale meets a session IPA you could say.  Light amber in colour it has a gentle malt complexity.

We also wanted the beer to have quite a complex mouthfeel and malt profile, so joining Maris Otter in the mash tun was a healthy dose torrified wheat, brown malt, crystal malt and a sprinkling of oats.

As for the hops, a combination of American and  British  hops are used to give the beer a floral and citrus flavour and aroma. This year however for a tweak for 2023 we have added in some exciting new hops from New Zealand to bring some added fruitiness.

Starting with the American hops we turned to two modern day classics; Mosaic and Cascade – with plenty of citrus and floral notes from this pairing.

Backing up the US duo is a hop called Admiral – a British hop we are increasingly fond of due to the smooth orange character.

Pop them altogether and you get a good clean, fruity flavour.

As a nice session beer don’t expect a hop explosion – think subtle flavours and balance, but certainly and easy drinking beer


Available from 9 October,