Welcome to our all new SAA – Summer Amber Ale

Well, who says pester power doesn’t work? When it comes to our latest ale it does.

So many pubs have been asking when our mid 4% abv beer will be making a return and we can hold off no longer. So we are delighted to announce that Moon Gazer Skipper will be making a return to pubs from w/c June 13th in time for summer.

First brewed in 2019, Skipper is set to launch our very own beer style – an SAA – a new Norfolk style Summer Amber Ale.  Ok, it may be a bit made up name but seems to us that everything has to be a West Coast this or and Est Coast that these days – so we thought we’d introduce our own buzz word.

So, just what is a Moon Gazer Skipper SAA?

We wanted Skipper to have a nice pale ale feel to it, plenty of hoppiness and flavour but to be a soft easy drinking ale as well – a pale ale meets a session IPA you could say.  Light amber – not quite golden but still a nod to summer drinking.

We also wanted the beer to have quite a complex mouthfeel and malt profile, so joining Maris Otter in the mash tun was a healthy dose torrified wheat, brown malt, crystal malt and a sprinkling of oats.

As for the hops, a combination of American, British and Slovenian hops are used to give the beer a floral and citrus flavour and aroma.

Starting with the American hops we turned to two modern day classics; Mosaic and Cascade – with plenty of citrus and floral notes from this pairing.

Backing up the US duo is a hop called Admiral – a British hop we are increasingly fond of due to the smooth orange character it can bring to a beer and also another Brit – Ernest – the citrus hop which forms the backbone of our spring favourite Ostara.

Pop them altogether and you get a good clean, fruity flavour.

As a nice summer beer don’t expect a hop explosion – think subtle flavours and balance, but certainly and easy drinking ale for summer.


Available from 10 June