Renowned beer writer, journalist and campaigner, Roger Protz has a vision. Well, he probably has many, but this particular one involves an aspiration for the beer cities of Leuven in Belgium and Norwich in Norfolk to be twinned.

You see Roger absolutely loves Belgian beers their history, quality and sheer variety – but he also loves Norwich as a beer city, as well as the City of Ale festival and believes the history, quality and variety of beers is the equal of what Belgian offers.

So, his vison is to twin the two regions as brewing buddies – and twin Norwich and Leuven as great beer cities.

And so brining Roger’s vision to reality begins as 4 Norfolk breweries; Tindall, Grain, Poppyland and ourselves are heading off to Leuven to meet 4 Belgian brewers.

The four are; Braxatorium Parcensis, De Coureur, Den Adept and Hof Ten Dormaal.

The plan is simple – chat about beer, share our heritage and love of all things beer, great barley – Norfolk Maris Otter of course – and come up with some collaboration brew ideas which will be launched and featured in next year’s City of Ale Festival, in May.

Who knows what brews may be created – that we will have to wait and discover.

An attempt to start this twining was scuppered by Covid, since back in 2019 Team Moon Gazer visited Hof Ten Doormall and brewed an apple champagne beer – totally delicious!

The trip is sponsored by Visit Flanders to whom we are very grateful…

Watch this space for more info.

BTW you can book your City of Ale launch party tickets here.