It’s August and the brewery building is coming along quite nicely.

The main structure of The Norfolk Brewhouse has taken shape, and local builders – Morrissey’s of Briston – have moved inside to start the internal works which would transform the old barn into a modern brewhouse.

Passers-by must be wondering just why we have a submarine. Well, with brewing beer comes lots of water – on average you can use six pints of water to make one pint of beer – maybe a bit more, or a bit less, depending on how efficiently you plan and run your brewhouse. So, that submarine needs to trap all of that water.

Our brewhouse is in a very rural part of the county and feeds into a fairly old, small-scale waste water works at Langham. This means that, in order to meet with Anglian Water’s waste water consent, we are obliged to fit a very large settlement tank.

This allows us to catch, monitor and control the water before it enters the Langham plant. It also means that Johnnie and his team of builders are going to dig a rather big hole…