Now here’s a beer with a story.

Scoundrel has been launched twice and both times it coincided with a lock down soon after. Now the superstitious members of Team Moon Gazer said that it should be consigned to the beer cellar of history so as not to tempt fate.

However, the dilemma was those pubs that did sell it absolutely loved it, and young Andrew in the brew team reckoned he could overhaul it and make it even better with a new twist for Scoundrel 2023.

Not wanting to upset Andrew or listen to him going on each day “please let me brew it, please….” we’ve let him loose with the recipe and Scoundrel 2023 is back a fruity, straw coloured East Coast meets West Coast session IPA where old school meets new school.

As to the characteristics of the beer – well we wanted to make this a special brew so have picked some classic and timeless ingredients when selecting our hops and malt.

Maris Otter and Clear Choice malt form the backbone of the barely base but is blended with a dash of oats for added mouthfeel. Overall, the malt base has a Digestive sweet biscuit note to it.  We love this simple combo of malts!

Added to the classic base malts are some Crystal, malts – oh and a sprinkling of Dextrin.

Hop-wise expect pineapple, peach, melon, grapefruit, passion fruit and pine – the full tropical house! But again, Andrew is keeping it uncomplicated – using just 2 hops – West Coast Simcoe and East coast El Dorado.

The good news is it’s also gluten free, as we add in the magic dust to drop out the gluten.

We hope that you look forward to welcoming our new 2023 brew and being a bit of a Scoundrel down the pub.

Oh, and yes it will be regular feature on our guest list from now on!

Available w/c 21 August