A Moon Gazer Caramel stout is coming soon…

Our range of dark beers are about to get a new addition. Joining an already impressive and award-winning line up of our Bouchart Mild, Skiddadler Milk Stout and Triskele Porter will be coming a very smooth and sumptuous Moon Gazer Caramel Stout.

To be fair this tipple is a particular favourite style of Mrs Moon Gazer who has taken to having a half as ‘one for the road’ – almost in the same way as you have a mint or chocolate at the end of the meal.  When you just want to finish off having a couple of beers on a sweet note.

So, what can you expect from our new caramel stout?

The aim is for the malts not to be overpowering but well balanced, rich, complex, full bodied and luxuriant with the roasted malts bringing coffee, chocolate and liquorice flavours, just crying out to be balanced by the sweetness of the caramel. A combination which we hope will leave you wanting more (in a responsible way of course!).

The hops are all British – and in fairness their role is to take a bit of a back seat just to prop up the malts and lactose and caramel.

It will be 4.8% abv so not too string but strong enough to give a robust mouthfeel.

Oh, as for its name – well you will have to wait a little bit longer before e share that with you.

Keep your eyes peeled for timings and more information.