A brew in collaboration with Keith Bailey

We are delighted to once again welcome one of the champion brewers form Norwich Amateur Brewers to Team Moon Gazer  to collaborate with them on one of their beers.

This year we will be taking a recipe created by skilled and award winning home brewer Keith Bailey and turning it into a commercial brew.  Keith has created a 4.5% porter very much in the original style and it was an award winning entry  in the associations’ 23 competition where professional brewers and beer experts judge a large variety of brews crafted by amateur brewers.

The brew will be available during February. Keith popped along to brew his beer with us and we arrived at the name HAREWOOD – 1909 Porter.

So, the 1909 part of the name originates from Keith’s competition entry brew as it represents the day and month when he brewed it. AS for Harewood, well this links to the man attributed to inventing the porter beer style way back in 1721 – a certain Ralph Harwood. Well, with Moon Gazer being all about hares it just seemed obvious to us to drop in the E and and make Mr Harwood a Mr HAREWOOD!

However, this looks set to be a very special and quaffable limited edition.

More news to follow!

About Norwich Amateur Brewers

An informal club, a lively, friendly and relaxed group of homebrewers who have a great time sharing the joy of creating (and drinking!) excellent beer. They meet regularly, share their  successes and ‘learnings’ in brewing, organise events, run special projects and club trips, enter competitions with homebrew clubs around the country and generally have a lot of fun along the way.

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